Tyler Perry Netflix interview

26 million people ‘chose to watch’ Tyler Perry’s new Netflix film, he says

Director Tyler Perry excitedly took to Twitter yesterday with a short video message, where he revealed that 26 million people ‘chose to watch’ his new Netflix thriller, A Fall From Grace, in just the first 7 days it was made available.

We put ‘chose to watch’ in quotes, because that’s the exact term Perry uses in the above clip, and since we watched A Fall From Grace ourselves, we know there’s simply no way 26 million other people chose to sit through that entire thing.

Netflix rarely goes public with any sort of viewing stats, in fact, it rarely even shares this data with its original film creators. In this case it seems to have shared with Perry at least one bit of impressive, but vague, viewing data.

We’re guessing it’s most likely counting anyone who pressed ‘play’, but perhaps there was in fact some minimal viewing requirement of 10 minutes or so to be counted.

While Tyler Perry movies are strangely popular, 26 million people aren’t making it through whatever A Fall From Grace was, certainly not in a week. That’s the same number that ‘watched’ Bird Box in its first week of release, a Netflix film with much more media coverage.

We have to admit he does a good job getting people interested, so it seems safe to expect more Tyler Perry Netflix content gets funded in the future.

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