5 New Netflix Features We Need

5 New Netflix Features We Desperately Need

As awesome as Netflix is, things can always get better. While the company has introduced several quality-of-life improvements and features over the years, from multiple profiles to kids mode, there are still some additions we think could help the streaming giant eat evermore into our lives.

1. An ‘Expiring Soon’ section

People hate it when they’re in the middle of a great TV series and hop on Netflix only to discover what they’ve been watching is no longer available. Other times your favorite movie can come and go from the service without you having ever even known it was there! That’s why there needs to be an ‘Expiring Soon’ section to compliment ‘Recently Added’. We get it, Netflix wants to advertise what it’s gaining and not losing, plus content licenses can get renegotiated and extended at the last minute. Either way, it would make for a great customer service move to better inform subscribers as to what is set to leave and when. It would also be a cool discovery tool for people on the lookout for new stuff.

2. Live ‘TV channels’ with pre-programmed content

The biggest problem for some people when it comes to Netflix is that there’s too much choice. Some spend a full movie’s worth of time browsing before even coming to a decision. While it’s for the best that Internet streaming sites are killing TV, there are some things that the lazy and indecisive in us will miss. It would be cool if Netflix offered some sort of section with a handful of live channels where you could watch pre-programmed broadcasts of random content. By having a limited number of them and making them synchronized worldwide, Netflix could capitalize off the “Did you see that last night?” social angle you get from a TV broadcast that is missing from most digital programming.New Netflix features, cable TV

3. Social features and cool data

Speaking of social, Netflix has toyed with some Facebook connectivity in the past, but the service has never really taken advantage of its vast community of users. There is just so much potential from friend based interactions to all the things they could do with sitewide viewing data. I’ll leave it to to the profesionnals to decide what sort of features these should actually be, but it’s certain that the possibilities are exciting and limitless.

4. Ability to have and sort multiple lists

If you aren’t going to give us live channels then at least let us sort through the heaps of content you do have like OCD maniacs. But seriously, a more fleshed out ‘My List’ feature would be a handy thing to have. You could have a list for family movie night, one for stuff you want to watch on repeat, another for guilty-pleasures, THE LIST goes on and on… It would also be cool if we could sort lists by stuff like genre or actor.

5. Ability to hide autoplaying trailers a.k.a ads

Netflix has really started to fall in love with its ability to blast autoplaying trailers directly into your eyes from the top of your feed. It usually does it for new content it thinks you’re going to like, but a lot of the time you don’t really care. You especially don’t care enough to have some noisy autoplaying video fill your screen. The most annoying part about these ads isn’t that you can’t disable them, but that you can’t even X out of them at all. They just become an obtrusive part of the page that you must aptly maneuver around. I’ll get to that show I’m good and ready, Netflix.

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