Is 6 Underground worth watching?

6 Underground is worth watching if:

  • You value action over everything. EVERYTHING.
  • You greatly appreciate stunts and effects.
  • You don’t really care about the story…

6 Underground is not worth watching if:

  • You think good stunts still need a good story.
  • You’re looking for Oscar worthy acting.
  • You’re squeamish about blood and gore.


  • Could win the award for most action.
  • Several ambitious shots, stunts, & impressive visual effects.
  • Netflix opened up its wallet to make this one.


  • The cool stuff is wasted without good story and character development.
  • Great action scenes are constantly ruined by cringeworthy rock-pop songs needlessly mixed in.
  • The acting is mediocre at best.

score: 50% CHILLIN 

One sentence story summary: After faking his death, a tech billionaire recruits a team of international operatives for a bold and bloody mission to take down a brutal dictator.

6 Underground kicks off with a nearly 20 minute car chase scene through the streets of Europe, and it’s an impressive one at that. Unfortunately, the Michael Bay directed film wastes this opening, along with many of the other impressive stunts and visual effects scattered across the two hour film, by neglecting everything else needed to make a good movie.

So much of what happens in that opening car chase scene, along with the rest of the movie, is cool, looks like it was a pain in the ass to make, and also seems impressively expensive. The problem is it’s impossible to be fully invested in a twenty minute car chase when you don’t care at all about the characters or what they’re doing. The film’s cocaine-induced editing style, which the rare viewer might appreciate, doesn’t do it any favors. The film is constantly cutting camera angles and jumping in and out of flashbacks, so much so that some may find it impossible to watch.

While hardcore action and stunt fan have a lot to admire, 6 Underground will make reaching those moments a chore thanks to its barebones story and characters. In terms of personality and substance, 6 Underground is arguably the most generic ‘hitman squad’ type movie ever made. The actors’ performances did not help in this regard, either.

To be fair, 6 Underground¬† does do a couple things to make it stand out. For one, it uses a very referential style of comedy, which does land pretty well once every odd dozen times. It seems like they included at least 1 highly specific reference for every single age group, so you’re guaranteed to get at least one laugh…

Another thing that makes it stand out, is its horrendous use of licensed music. Badass action scenes are pointlessly ruined via an inexplicable obsession with Imagine Dragons-esque rock-pop songs, which come blaring into the audio mix at full volume at a laughable rate. The movie even makes its songs the main focus of action scenes, rather than whatever crazy stunt is happening. When you consider how bad the music is and how good the stunts are, you can’t help but cringe at how the movie seems obsessed with ruining anything good it has going for it.

It’s crazy how much cool crap Netflix crammed into 6 Underground in terms of action and visual effects. Whatever cheque they cut Michael Bay must have had a lot of zeroes in it, a decision they might wish they could take back.

Still, the most noticeable zeroes regarding the movie are its zero story and zero character development. That along with the volume level you’ll want to set your TV to everytime a great scene is ruined by some terrible song.

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