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Apple poaches key Netflix engineer as it looks to grow Apple TV+

When Apple sees something it likes, it says “gimme”.

The company reportedly added Ruslan Meshenberg to its staff earlier this week, one of Netflix’s early engineers with a reputation for being one of the key people behind Netflix’s consistently smooth and responsive viewing experience.

Apple is going all in with its recently launched Apple TV+ subscription service, and hiring top talent from competitors is one of the company’s signature moves when it comes to it entering a new market segment.

While there haven’t been any major complaints about Apple TV+’s viewing experience since it launched in November, the company is looking to get ahead of any potential problems, the likes of which Disney+ had during its highly successful launch week.

Netflix’s rock solid reliability and functionality is something many take for granted, considering how familiar people have become with the streaming service over the years. It’s no easy feat to constantly serve up that much HD video to endless traffic around the world, with no hiccups, glitches, or outages.

No matter which subscription services pay for as these streaming wars start to heat up, competition like this is good news for all consumers.

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