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Bojack Horseman’s final episode ever comes out this Friday

Netflix’s very first original animated show comes to an end this Friday, when Bojack Horseman‘s final episode ever will be released for streaming.

The second half of the show’s sixth and final season, eight episodes, will be made available to stream January 31st, or more specifically, this Thursday evening when the clock strikes midnight in California.

This marks the first season of Bojack Horseman to be released in two parts, and the first to include 16 episodes, as the first five seasons each consisted of 12 episodes that would be released at one time.

The first eight episodes of season 6 were released on October 25th to rave reviews, the type of praise which has become the norm for this adult animated comedy.

While Netflix has tons of shows nowadays, and a handful of adult animated series, when season 1 of Bojack Horseman was released back in August of 2014, it was a groundbreaking unicorn for the platform, and for adult animation in general, weaving serious themes throughout its episodes while most animation stuck tightly to comedy.

Not only was it Netflix’s first original animated show, it was only the platform’s fourth original show period. House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, and Orange is the New Black are the only programs to predate it, and Netflix had yet to prove just how varied its original content lineup was going to be.

Fans fell in love with its unique take on anthropomorphism and the unique gags it lent to each episode, and the fact that it starred Will Arnett and Aaron Paul, at a time where Arrested Development and Breaking Bad were at the forefront of Netflix viewers’ minds, made it the thing to check out at the time.

It’s a show that’s never been afraid to switch from comedy to darkness at a moment’s notice, and it’s safe to say the final eight episodes will be filled with as much emotion as they are jokes.

If you’ve never given Bojack Horseman a try, you’ll be pleased to know you’ve got a complete six seasons waiting for you whenever you want.

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