Paula Patton breasts in the Do-Over

Is ‘The Do-Over’ worth watching?

The Do-Over is worth watching if:

  • You value on-screen cleavage time above all else.
  • You used to rent Adam Sandler movies at Blockbuster.
  • You want a brainless action, comedy, romance, mish-mash.

The Do-Over is not worth watching if:

  • You don’t want to watch two older bros live out midlife crises.
  • You want a clear and consistent narrative arc.
  • You were hoping for comic relief from characters besides Adam Sandler and David Spade.

    Adam Sandler badass


  • The first act of the movie is genuinely interesting.
  • Paula Patton out acts her sexualized role and brings legitimate drama to the goofiness.
  • It’s better than The Ridiculous 6.


  • The plot gets lost somewhere along the way.
  • Isn’t funny enough to be a comedy. Not enough action for an action.
  • There’s no payoff to the story.

Paula Patton nude

score: 40% CHILLIN

One sentence story summary:A bank manager’s life is turned upside down when an old friend tricks him into faking his own death and starting over.

Adam Sandler’s second time up to bat in his five feature film deal with Netflix and it’s safe to assume we come in expecting an improvement over his first major streaming flic in The Ridiculous 6. It certainly does a fine job at that, but you shouldn’t expect much more.

After meeting up at a high school reunion, Sandler decides to help out his depressed old buddy Spade by kidnapping him and faking their deaths, thereby allowing them to start a new life. It’s the people’s identities they steal afterward that leads to all the drama…

The Do-Over straddles into the action-comedy realm, offering far fewer dick jokes per minute than Sandler’s cruder comedic offerings. Sandler’s acting is acceptable, Spade’s is certainly adequate, but the writing doesn’t really offer anyplace for these characters to grow.

Paula Patton excels at looking hot but also makes the most out of her overly-dramatic and promiscuous character. There’s even a surprise plot rationale for her liberal deployment of cleavage that’s revealed towards the end of the movie. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it.

It’s not completely terrible, but it’s not good. Like many Sandler movies, a lot of the jokes don’t land. Then you have mediocre action and a sub-par story to go with it.

Let’s hope that third time’s the charm with Adam Sandler’s upcoming Netflix film, Sandy Wexler.

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