Mascots mockumentary on netflix

Is ‘Mascots’ worth watching?

Mascots is worth watching if:

  • You have any sort of connection to the mascot world.
  • You want to see a handful of mascots do mildly impressive routines at the end of a movie.
  • You want to watch something fun & stupid.

Mascots is not worth watching if:

  • You want a mockumentary that goes full documentary style and doesn’t also want to be a normal movie.
  • You’re looking for something serious and plot driven.
  • You’re hoping to see a montage of people doing incredible stunts as mascots.


  • The cast is all pretty funny and good at delivering their deadpan lines.
  • A couple of the mascots are genuinely interesting and funny.
  • Treats the mascot community with some dignity and respect.


  • Not actually that interesting, too much buildup to the competition at the end.
  • Would have been better if they filmed it like a documentary and not like a traditional comedy.
  • A lot of characters who don’t add much to the film.

score: 50% CHILLIN 

One sentence story summary:Eager contestants don big heads and furry suits to vie for the title of World’s Best Mascot in this offbeat, comic romp.

Given that Mascots was written and directed by Christopher Guest, the same guy who wrote the classic 80s mockumentary Spinal Tap, expectations were high for it to deliver as a great addition to the mockumentary pantheon. Unfortunately, those expecting a fake doc masterpiece might want to put their fluffy mascot paws over their eyes.

Mascots isn’t terrible, but it often feels too much like a cheesy Hollywood movie than a funny mockumentary. The film doesn’t try to trick you into thinking it’s real, it’s very obvious from certain scenes and camera shots that you’re watching a scripted movie. This might have been okay if the plot and characters were super interesting, but that isn’t really the case.

Some of the actors do tremendous jobs making their ridiculous characters believable, while in some of the actors you can easily tell they’re doing a bit.

It’s a movie with moments to like, and depending on your tastes you might even really enjoy it. Most, however, will find it’s not quite funny enough to be a great comedy, and too over-produced for a mockumentary.

You could still do a lot worse when it comes to picking a Netflix Original comedy film.

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