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A Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Netflix show? Our top 5 ideas…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently decided to leave behind the Royal shenanigans and become ‘normal’ private citizens, meaning they may now entertain all the private sector business opportunities they were previously barred from.

One reporter asked Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, whether the company would be interested in working with the couple, to which he answered, “Who wouldn’t be interested? Yes, sure.

This is far from an official confirmation, but Netflix is no stranger to dropping huge amounts of money to land big name attractions. Harry and Meghan are bound to get offers from all kinds of big businesses, but it’s hard to imagine many being able to compete with Netflix in terms of creative freedom, brand exposure, and at a pure dollar level.

Since the ball will be in Meghan and Prince Harry’s court when it comes to whether they do a Netflix show, we’ve decided to come up with 5 great ideas in advance, that the couple are free to use if they so please…


Already being mega-famous at birth can be hard. Solution? Never let the kid know they’re famous. This Truman Show inspired reality show follows Megan and Prince Harry as they go through insane lengths to keep their son Archie from finding out he’s actually part of the most famous family on Earth.

Is it entirely ethical? No, it’s the Archie Show, only on Netflix.


Some say it’s “disturbingly egotistical”, while critics are already calling it “show of the year”, Netflix presents its new original drama series, The Royals.

The Royals stars Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – while they were still Royals, in this spinoff series that picks up where The Crown left off.

The show’s final season will cover the time Megan and Prince Harry spent shooting the Netflix Original show, The Royals.


A mockumentary series documenting the couple as they try to live a more normal life in Canada. A Canadian life. Viewers get a new episode every week as the couple lives in an igloo and survives off maple syrup and bacon. Yes it’s warm in British Columbia, but they’ll find a way to make it work, next time on Surviving Canada.


Harry and Meghan harness their inner Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul as they judge who should replace them in England, to become Queen Elizabeth’s new grandson and granddaughter-in-law, in this hit new reality competition.

Could we see the first ever Mexican member of the British Royal family? A gay or lesbian couple? Anything is possible when you audition to be one of The Royal Replacements, only on Netflix.


Finally, the story the tabloids can’t get enough of receives the 10-part true crime documentary they all think it deserves. Something Murky About The Markles finds the TRUTH when it comes to Meghan’s rocky relationship with her dad, with a final episode critics are saying might be shocking enough to kill the Queen.

It’s got the devil, aliens, murder, a secret plot, a human sacrifice under Buckingham Palace, and the Markles. This is a Netflix True Crime series, and this is the Markles, unlike you’ve ever seen them before.

There you have it Meghan and Harry. Never say we at FlixAndChillin didn’t give you more than enough ideas to get you started.

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