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Netflix wins Best Documentary Oscar for 2nd time in three years with American Factory

Netflix ain’t messing around when it comes to documentaries.

The streaming service picked up its second Best Documentary Oscar award in just three years last night, when American Factory was announced as the winner of this year’s five nominees.

The film was the first to be produced by Higher Ground Productions, the Obama-owned studio that Netflix has a massive production deal with.

Netflix in recent years has emerged as an absolute force in the documentary scene, having already won the Best Documentary Oscar two years ago with Icarus, one of the best documentary films of the past decade.

American Factory beat out The Edge of Democracy for this year’s award, another Netflix funded film that was one of this year’s nominees.

The other three Best Documentary nominees for 2019 were Honeyland, The Cave, and For Sama, all of which received rave reviews.

While this is the second time Netflix has won the award, the company has produced a handful of other nominees in recent years, including Virunga, 13th, and The Square.

Here’s the official plot summary that Netflix gives for American Factory:

Hopes soar when a Chinese company reopens a shuttered factory in Ohio, but a culture clash threatens to shatter an American dream.

You can watch American Factory and The Edge of Democracy on Netflix right now. They are both well worth your time.

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