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Is Netflix’s ‘Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour’ worth watching?

Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour is worth watching if:

  • You have any interest or curiosity in Taylor Swift.
  • You want to see what peak superstardom in 2018 looks like.
  • You love concerts and live music.

Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour is not worth watching if:

  • You hate Taylor Swift.
  • You’d rather watch a movie than a concert
  • You have seen her perform in the past and were underwhelmed.

    Taylor Swift Reputation Tour Netflix Snake


  • True to the concert experience. Doesn’t go overboard in post-production.
  • Great cinematography. Nice shots of raw emotion from the audience.
  • A solid performance by Taylor complete with some positive and inspiring monologues, particularly for her young female fanbase.


  • If you aren’t a fan, you’ll likely see a handful of songs you don’t care for.
  • While impressive, the overall act and set design of the concert won’t blow you away artistically.
  • For better or worse the final tour stop in Dallas where this was filmed was a pretty standard Taylor Swift concert.

    Taylor Swift Netflix Concert Fans

score: 75% CHILLIN

One sentence story summary: Taylor Swift takes the stage in Dallas for the reputation Stadium Tour and celebrates a monumental night of music, memories and visual magic.

Live music is awesome. Thus, when done right, live concert movies are also awesome. If it features someone talented, established, has good editing/production, and is true to the concert experience, it’s pretty easy to buy in. The ‘Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour’ movie has all those things, and does them quite well.

Marking only the 2nd live concert film Netflix has ever done, choosing a pop superstar makes a lot of sense. A production like this allows Taylor Swift’s legion of fans around the world the unique opportunity to watch her from the comfort of their own home for just the cost of a Netflix subscription.

A great service for her millions of fans worldwide, many of whom would never even be able to afford a live show. At the same time it allows her to showcase what to expect if she does come to your city.

Even if you don’t love Taylor Swift, it’s worth taking at a look at what goes on at a top dollar popĀ megastar concert these days. The overall production, from the dancers and set on stage, to the film production, is very well done.

The only real criticisms come down to how you see Taylor Swift as an artist. She does what she does really well, but for some, her overall rigidity to the teenĀ popstar mold leaves something to be wanted.

It’s certainly worth watching. How loud you crank your speakers is up to you.

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