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Is ‘The Perfection’ worth watching?

The Perfection is worth watching if:

  • You were a band geek in high school. (bonus points to any cello nerds)
  • You’re looking for more thriller than horror.
  • You love ridiculous plot twists. (no matter how goofy)

The Perfection is not worth watching if:

  • You can’t stand being grossed out.
  • You expect its ‘LGBTQ’ genre heading to be a major focus.
  • Illogical plots make you wanna smash your guitar.


  • The film’s musical academy theme is interesting and novel, especially for the genre.
  • Most of the acting is quite good.
  • It keeps you intrigued as to what will happen next.


  • The story ends up being completely ridiculous.
  • Lead actress Allison Williams doesn’t match the impressive performances of her co-stars.
  • The wasted potential is frustrating.

The Perfection, Netflix Original, nude scene

score: 60% CHILLIN 
One sentence story summary: A once-promising music prodigy reconnects with her former mentors, only to find them taken with a talented new pupil.

A third of the way into The Perfection and you may not be thinking it’s going to be the ‘perfect’ movie, but there’s enough going for it where you are certainly intrigued. The acting, the setting, the mood, the characters, it all feels rather original and captivating as you wait for an ominous build-up around two world class female cello players hailing from a highly prestigious music academy.

Things quickly get weird, both intentionally and unintentionally. Scenes start to dip into ‘B’ movie territory, with a noticeably sub-par script at times, yet the film starts strong enough and Logan Browning, who plays the cellist Lizzie, acts out her role more than well enough to where you’re still near the edge of your concert house seat, wondering where this is all headed.

The story is quick to pull out unexpected twists and turns, which are fun in the moment, but reveal themselves to be inexplicably dumb as the movie heads toward its conclusion and you start to piece everything together.

It’s almost a shame the first third of the movie is so interesting, since in contrast the final act plays like nails on a chalkboard. With that being said, things get so ridiculous you may actually find it all a tad amusing, just so long as you drop your expectations down around baritone levels.

While not really a horror movie, The Perfection serves as a surprisingly good thriller, regardless of where it ends up. As long as you aren’t expecting a Yo-Yo Ma masterpiece, and are willing to take the plot about as seriously as a dolphin playing the tuba, then you might actually have a decent time. Just don’t expect to want an encore.



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