Adam Sandler and Jennifer Hudson

Is ‘Sandy Wexler’ worth watching?

Sandy Wexler is worth watching if:

  • You liked Adam Sandler’s bad accent in The Ridiculous 6 and want more.
  • You’re a fan of Jennifer Hudson.
  • You want the expired corn flakes of plot.

Sandy Wexler is not worth watching if:

  • You are looking for a joke-heavy Sandler film.
  • You want to see something original.
  • You’re looking for Oscar-worthy acting.


  • Jennifer Hudson’s character brings quality pipes to the film’s original score.
  • Cool attention to detail with 1990s swag as it occasionally attempts to be a period piece.
  • The long list of cameos who chime in to help tell the story.


  • A movie as generic as they come.
  • Should really go all in on the 90s stuff.
  • Adam Sandler’s voice is something else…

Adam Sandler in Sandy Wexler

score: 40% CHILLIN

One sentence story summary: When a hapless but dedicated talent manager signs his first client who actually has talent, his career finally starts to take off.

People were wondering whether it would be third time’s the charm with Adam Sandler’s film Sandy Wexler, the third of five in his massive Netflix movie deal. Unfortunately, this won’t be the one that changes him from streaming filler to streaming legend.

There’s no real need to describe the plot, you’ll have seen ten movies like it before. The only thing worth noting is that it follows Jennifer Hudson’s character as she goes from being a nobody to a music star, kind of like how she did in real life via one of the early seasons of American Idol. This time it isn’t American Idol that helps launch her career, but rather the kind-loving oddball Sandy Wexler, aka, Adam Sandler.

This is much more of a simple feel-good drama then Sandler’s other films. Most of the humor is limited to how bizarre his character is, and it’s possible there wasn’t even a single poop, fart, boob, or dick joke.

Unfortunately, it’s just all very unremarkable.

Sandy Wexler includes Netflix Regulars:

Adam Sandler in Sandy Wexler Adam Sandler as Sandy Wexler

Kevin James Netflix Originals Kevin James as Ted Rafferty

Terry Crews Netflix Original Terry Crews as Bobby Bedtime Barnes

Rob Schneider Netflix OriginalRob Schneider as Firuz


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