The Office in Space Force, Netflix Original

Space Force, The Office Meets Outer Space in Upcoming Netflix Comedy

Some out of this world news for all you fans of The Office out there today;

Netflix has announced its brand new upcoming TV comedy series ‘Space Force’.

Why should you be excited? Easy; the show’s co-creator and star is Michael Scott himself, Steve Carell, with the other creator being Greg Daniels, known for his work writing and producing The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Space Force will riff largely off of President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that the US government is seeking to establish a ‘space force’ as its sixth military branch, joining the likes of the Army and Navy. The Netflix Original series will follow Steve Carell and others as they are given the job to create the United State’s first ever military “Space Force”.

While details are still scarce, it’s safe to assume that the show will follow the same kind of workplace “observational cinema” style that helped make Parks and Rec and The Office such big hits. It also wouldn’t be much of a surprise if we see Carell take on a similar role to that of Michael Scott, given how beloved that character was and how well he’d fit into this Space Force-building premise. We can only assume that the government won’t be sending their best and brightest to pull this thing off.

There’s very little information as of yet, just some text in a short teaser trailer letting us know that it’s “coming soon”.

Will the show be set in present day or a bit in the future? Will it all take place on Earth or will some of it be set in space? Who is going to co-star? Will Rainn Wilson / Dwight Schrute appear as a NASA nerd?

This is one we’re going to have our eyes on all the way until takeoff.

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