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The Pharmacist debuts tonight on Netflix, a true crime opioid series

There’s a good chance by now you’re at least partially aware of America’s ongoing opioid crisis, but small town pharmacist Dan Schneider was certainly way ahead of you.

Schneider’s son was murdered back in 1999 while buying drugs in New Orleans, a murder he claimed the police had little interest in solving.

Schneider thus became motivated to investigate his son’s death himself, without any police assistance, a rabbit hole that not only led the pharmacist to discover the truth about his son, but that also exposed him to the world of systemic opioid addiction going on all around him.

The four part true crime docu-series won’t just showcase Schneider investigating his son’s murder back in 1999, it will show him dangerously stumbling upon the early days of a systemically supported opioid epidemic, one that is still going strong two decades later.

We can tell by the trailer Schneider had some filmmaking equipment with him back in the day, so expect this docu-series to be complete with raw footage from the late 90s and early 2000s.

In summary, The Pharmacist on Netflix brings you four episodes, two investigations, and is all led by one man, small town pharmacist Dan Schneider.

You can stream all of it starting tonight at midnight PST, as the show is made available to subscribers starting February 5th, California time.

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