The Ridiculous 6 Cast

Is ‘The Ridiculous 6’ worth watching?

The Ridiculous 6 is worth watching if:

  • You praise the poop and fart gods.
  •  You own Adam Sandler’s last five movies on Bluray.
  • You want something you can fall asleep to and not feel guilty about.

The Ridiculous 6 is not worth watching if:

  • You only watch a few movies each month.
  •  You are remotely susceptible to being grossed out or offended.
  •  You are on a date.


  • Being introduced to the 6 brothers one at a time is kinda fun, even if they suck.
  • Surprisingly impressive stunt work, Adam Sandler’s knife parkouring is a highlight.
  • A lot of familiar actors! Find a favorite you can pity.


  • Lazzzzzzzzzzy writing…
  • The plotline wants to be too complex for how dumb it is.
  • All the wasted talent that was forced to read and recite this script.

score: 20% CHILLIN
One sentence story summary: When his outlaw dad is kidnapped, Tommy “White Knife” Stockburn sets off across the West on a rescue mission with five brothers he never knew he had.

Netflix’s first original film ever in the comedy genre, The Ridiculous 6 has a couple characters you’ll find charming at rare moments, and a wagon full you’ll hate all the time. The film stars Adam Sandler as a white Native American…and goes on to never say anything meaningful or funny about race. In fact, it rarely says anything funny, period.

The occasional chuckle inducer will come up, but they’re hard to appreciate being on fulltime lookout for the mindnumbing comedic bricks being hurled your way. It’s if as the movie challenges you to a dual right from the start and says, “How much cringe can you handle, cowboy?”

It’s also hard to get past Sandler’s brutal fake native accent, which often feels like an excuse he uses to lazily breeze from scene to scene.

There’s no clear theme to be found from Sandler’s well-intentioned heart either. Just 6 oddball brothers tripping their way through wacky obstacles as they come together to rescue their long-estranged father. (The real challenge is if they can manage to keep you streaming until the credits.)

We recommend spending some extra time at the saloon before this one…

The Ridiculous 6 includes Netflix Regulars:

Adam Sandler in Sandy Wexler Adam Sandler as Tommy

Terry Crews Netflix Original Terry Crews as Chico

Taylor Lautner Netflix Original Taylor Lautner as Lil Pete

Rob Schneider Netflix Original Rob Schneider as Ramon

David Spade Netflix Original David Spade as General George Custer

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