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Is ‘The Week Of’ worth watching?

The Week Of is worth watching if:

  • You’ve wanted to give Adam Sandler‘s Netflix movies a chance but have yet to be impressed or interested.
  • You like seeing snappy dialogue from a ton of characters.
  • You want to laugh at a nightmare family event you don’t have to go through yourself.

The Week Of is not worth watching if:

  • You want something more narrative driven than dialogue focused.
  • You find family members doing cringey things more stress-inducing than funny.
  • You are too anxious about your own future wedding to watch the lead-up to someone else’s.

The Week Of sexy scene Chris Rock


  • Everything from the cast of relatives to the dialogue to the plot feels very grounded and real.
  • Sandler’s role as a well-intentioned father is likeable and believable, unlike his past three Netflix performances. (Not surprising since he has two young daughters)
  • Gets laughs from actually funny writing and scenarios rather than Sandler’s more crude films.


  • It might feel fairly slow since there isn’t too much plot to speak of.
  • Won’t impress you off its originality.
  • Chris Rock doesn’t quite reach his comedic potential.

The Week of Rachel Dratch and Alison Strong

score: 75% CHILLIN

One sentence story summary: Two fathers with clashing views about their children’s upcoming wedding struggle to keep it together during the chaotic week before the big day.

We have to admit, you’ll probably have fun watching Sandler attempt to hop the unplanned hurdles that come his way during ‘The Week Of’ his daughter’s wedding. (Thought we’d explain the title for you)

While many critics seem to have panned it alongside the first three Happy Madison productions for Netflix he’s made and starred in: The Ridiculous 6, The Do-Over, and Sandy Wexler, We find The Week Of stands far above those in quality, and solidifies this fourth and final film of his initial Netflix contract as his best on the platform. (And the only one we can really recommend)

Given this is Robert Smigel’s directorial debut, it’s particularly impressive to watch how smoothly the quick and witty dialogue comes out of so many characters. There can be a ton happening on screen at any particular moment, yet the film manages to always keep everything flowing and in-focus for the viewer.

The writing isn’t often just funny, it’s smart. History shows this isn’t always the case when Sandler weaves his Hollywood tales, so it’s a nice reminder that there’s an actual funny dude beneath those layers of terribly reviewed comedies.

If someone tries to have you watch one of Sandler’s Netflix movies, make sure it’s this one. If you’re just after a funny feel-good comedy, this can be that too.

The Week Of includes Netflix Regulars:

Adam Sandler in Sandy Wexler Adam Sandler as Kenny Lustig

Chris Rock Netflix Originals Chris Rock as Kirby Cordice

Steve Buscemi Netflix Originals Steve Buscemi as Charles

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