a monkey and a man talk about toototabon

The reviews for WHAT DID JACK DO? are pointless, here’s why…

If you’ve seen WHAT DID JACK DO?, the 17 minute David Lynch short film recently added to Netflix, you probably don’t know what to think. Even after you’ve read our “explanation” for this strange Toototabon centric conversation between chimp and human, you’re probably STILL wondering, “What the heck did I just watch and why did I watch it?”

But the other question is; how does one rate the quality of such a film? What review score does it deserve on Rotten Tomatoes? IGN, for instance, thought it deserved a 9 out of 10, and several other websites have been giving it scores as well.

But even the author of said review recognized the inherent foolishness that comes in reviewing absurdist art like WHAT DID JACK DO?, especially when it comes to labeling it with something as arbitrary as a score out of 10.

Reviewers can try and find ways to rationalize it, but there’s just no sense in trying to determine the ‘quality’ of such a short and surreal absurdist film. It’s like trying to give a review score to that banana taped to a wall which sold for all the money.

Some people will fall in love with the way the art makes their brain think, 10 out of 10. Others will just see a banana taped to a wall, 0 out of 10. It’s simply too abstract, artsy, and dependant on the individual to score.

I mean come on, the movie has one actor and literally┬áno meaning…

Perhaps the only thing wackier than this type of art are reviews for this type of art. In reality, most reviewers know this, they are just concerned with maximizing article clicks, and people love reviews.

With all that said, we’re giving WHAT DID JACK DO? a score of a hundred and a half toototabons out of negative 77.

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