Taylor Swift sitting down

What time does Miss Americana come out on Netflix?

Get ready Swifties, it’s almost here.

Netflix’s new original film, the Taylor Swift documentary Miss Americana, will be released this Friday, August 31st.

More specifically, since we know many of you are counting the seconds, you’ll be able to stream Miss Americana late this Thursday evening, at the stroke of midnight PST, keeping with Netflix’s traditional California based time of release.

This means subscribers on the east coast will be able to start streaming Miss Americana at 3:00 AM EST Friday morning, while Europeans on London time can watch it at 5:00 AM. Maybe try setting Bad Blood or Shake It Off as a wake-up alarm?

In the meantime, if you’re in desperate need of a Taylor Swift Netflix fix (say that 10 times fast), you can always watch last year’s Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour live concert film. If you’ve never been able to see her live, it’s the next best thing.

Check out the 2 minute trailer for Miss Americana below, courtesy of Taylor Swift’s official YouTube page.

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